BAPTIST MADNESS 2017: Pastoral Playoff Edition

2017-bm-bracket-black-background-logoBaptist Madness 2017 will begin Wednesday, March 1, 2017!

This year is the Pastoral Playoff edition. Two divisions make up the Legacy League: The Martures (“mahr-tour-ess”; the biblical word for witnesses used in Hebrews 12:1) Division is a group of eight pastors who have already “fought the good fight” and “finished the race.” The Martures pastors in this year’s tournament are: Adrian Rogers, Jerry Falwell, J. M. Carroll, E. V. Hill, R. G. Lee, Isaac Backus, George Liele, and C. H. Spurgeon. The Karukes (“kay-ruke-ess”; the biblical word for preachers like is found in 1 Timothy 2:7) Division is a group of eight pastors still living out the call. The Karukes pastors are: John Piper, Jerry Vines, Fred Luter, Johnny Hunt, Mark Dever, Rick Warren, and Jerry Young.

As we did last year, each post will involve sharing information on the influence of each of the various players. Each set of the First Round match ups will involve a pastor from Martures competing against a pastor from Karukes. We will have the opportunity to vote for one player in each match up who we would like to see advance to the next round. Subsequent rounds will feature match ups of the previous round’s winners. Each poll will remain open from the time of the post until the posting of the next match ups. By the conclusion of the tournament, we will crown the “2017 Baptist Pastoral Playoff Champion.”

The tournament schedule is as follows:

First Round Match Ups: March 1, 5, 9, 13

Second Round Match Ups: March 17, 23

Semi-Finals: March 29, April 4

Finals: April 10

Winner announced: April 14

So, there you have it, sports fans. The tournament is set.

Here is your downloadable bracket:


Remember to vote for your favorite and vote often!



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