Revisiting The Shack

Book COverWell, the movie version of William P. Young’s novel, The Shack, is set to hit the theaters soon. In light of this, I have re-asserted my objection to the book–which I have read–and to the movie–which I will not see. In restating my objection, I have been asked to share information regarding the problems with the book/movie. The following are a few links to well-written/spoken, respectful reviews of The Shack:

Dr. Al Mohler’s review on his radio show (May 1, 2009; downloadable audio)

Tim Challies’ extensive review (Downloadable .pdf format)

Dr. Al Mohler’s article from January 27, 2010 – “The Shack: The Missing Art of Evangelical Discernment”

Dr. Tim Keller’s article from January 27, 2010 – “The Shack: Impressions”

Tim Challies’ article from February 15, 2017 – “Why I Won’t Be Seeing (or Reviewing) The Shack Movie”

Kendall Adams’ audio interview posted March 6, 2009 with The Shack author, William Paul Young (downloadable)

These are the highlights of a wealth of information that is out there on this book upon which the new movie is based.

[UPDATE: just to be clear, the key issues involve the denial of the sufficiency of Scripture, Modalism regarding the Trinity, physical personification of the Trinity, Patripassionism (that God the Father actually suffered on the cross with Jesus), denial of the need of Jesus’ substitutionary atonement through the cross, rejecting God’s just punishment of all sin, and universalism or ‘ultimate reconciliation’ (all people regardless of religious affiliation will be saved).]

To my friends, family, and church family, I again urge you not to waste your time on this book or movie. There are far better, biblically faithful works of fiction to which we can turn for enjoyment and which can be helpfully encouraging for us as followers of Christ.


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