The Final Four have battled it out! Here are the winners of Match Ups #13 & #14 who will be going to the Finals…

With 52% of the votes, the British Baptist pastor who makes it into the Finals is Charles Spurgeon!

With 65% of the votes, the international missionary who makes it into the Finals is Lottie Moon!

The updated bracket looks like this:Now the voting begins in our final match up of Baptist Madness 2016!! (The commissioner of the tournament believes this to be the most challenging match up of the entire event. Two well-deserving candidates vying for the title of Best Beloved Baptist.)

[SPECIAL NOTE: Voting for this match up is on an abbreviated schedule and only will be open until 5:00pm WEDNESDAY, 30 MARCH. Vote, and vote often (each day from the date of this post, everyone will be able to cast an additional vote)!]


There just isn’t much more to be said about these two beloved people from our Baptist history. By now most of you have a definitive favorite. Be sure to vote…Encourage your friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors to be sure and vote as well!!!


Charles Haddon Spurgeon


Charlotte Diggs “Lottie” Moon

REMEMBER: Voting in the Finals will remain open until 5:00pm on Mar. 30. Vote and vote often!

The Best Beloved Baptist will be announced in Claycomo Baptist Church’s Wednesday night Prayer Meeting on March 30 and then online later that evening.


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