Ask the Pastor

Hello, CBC Family!

I am beginning a new feature here on my blog: “Ask the Pastor.” I am asking for everyone to submit their questions on issues surrounding biblical truth in all aspects–theology, morality, ethics, social issues, etc. All questions will be able to be submitted anonymously. You may submit your question as a comment to this specific post (since I moderate this post, no comments will ever be shown, but I will receive your question). You may also submit a question via the “Ask the Pastor” tab in the “Page Bar” near the top of this blog.

As I receive questions, I will put together a blog article pertaining to the subject matter of the specific question. I would really like to be posting an answer at least once per week. Once the post is online, I will send out updates via our church Facebook, Twitter, and E-mail avenues.

I am looking forward to this opportunity for us all to consider questions pertaining to biblical truth and the application of that truth to our lives. Realize this will be a work in progress and some ‘fine-tuning’ may have to be done on the process. Any suggestions to help make this a beneficial endeavor are greatly appreciated.

By Grace Alone,

Pastor Scott

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