Convicting Continuing Commentary Considering the Issue of Universalism

The issue concerning assertions by people like Rob Bell & William P. Young concerning the viability of universalism as a truly Christian belief continues to make headlines.  In this video posted here, Pastor David Platt warns us all of the dangers of ‘functional universalism’ in how we live our lives as Christians.  We do well in recognizing and sounding the warning regarding convictional universalism (stating it as your belief…your theology).  We must guard our hearts & minds–our lives–against saying we do not believe in universalism while living like we actually do believe universalism is true.  Please consider this heart-felt warning and challenge as we examine our lives and strive for faithfulness and righteousness in all we say & do.

Link to the missions blog of the Church at Brook Hills and watch the video:

Do We Really Believe What We are Saying?

AND, a link to someone whose Open Letters I enjoy reading.  Frank Turk is a member of a team blog called Pyromaniacs.  They are a great group of brothers whose comments are insightful, especially the regular features of one of my favorite preachers, CH Spurgeon.  Frank has written an insightful Open Letter critique of Bell’s book and ongoing emergent theology problems.  It is a lengthy post (but comparatively short next to the reviews of Denny Burk and Kevin DeYoung).  It, too, is well worth your time.

Open Letter to Rob Bell


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