[UPDATE: Said Musa has been released!  Praise God…but, more prayer still needed for a brother in Christ named Shoaid Assadullah still imprisoned in Afghanistan for giving a man a Bible.  Read more about both these situations— Imprisoned Afghan Christian Released from Prison]

So, Islam is the religion of peace, huh?  You couldn’t tell that from the situation taking place in Afghanistan right now.  It seems that a man by the name of Said Musa has been imprisoned and threatened with execution for apostasy from Islam and conversion to Christianity. Hmmmm, last time I check, that hasn’t been happening in any “Christian nations” nor among groups of Christians interacting with Muslims.

You can follow more about this ongoing situation by linking to the following two stories.  Stories which contain updates on the Christian Twitter campaign which appears to have made a positive impact on the situation!

TN religious leaders join call to free jailed Afghan aid worker

Ed Stetzer – Update on Said Musa: Conversion is not a Crime

Please join with me in continuing to pray for Said Musa and his witness through this situation.

[UPDATE: A great new article on this issue from FoxNews.com.  It details the abuse Said Musa has endured and the positive impact the tweeting and letter writing has made on this issue.  Encouragement is given to keep the awareness up and the pressure on our government and the Afghan government as well.  Here’s the link: Pressure Increases for Release of Afghan Aid Worker Arrested for Being Christian]


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